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Amalia Ulman, Been there, 2013, Wooden cabinet, crown of thorns, digital photo frame keychain, goldman sachs golf ball, avene souvenir, glass filled with coins (Argentininan Pesos, Spanish Pesetas, Italian Liras, American Dollars, British Pounds), wire figures, candles, silver chain, handmade bracelets, photo clip, white fabric roses, digitally engraved photo keychain, photo keychain, flower hair clips, murano glass egg, wooden egg, avene packaging, wooden tangled ball 70 x 101 cm, courtesy of Future Gallery


#I Am Here!

The first image from my new series “I Am Here.”

I love shooting giant landscapes with people dwarfed by being amongst them. For me it showcases just how small we are on this big planet. I wanted to show a way for the tiny person to yell back at the giant landscape and say “I am here!” So I started a series where I travel around the US and I equip the subject usually a friend with a giant red flag to be that voice. One of my design teachers would always say ” If you can’t make it big, make it red.”

Flag Bearer: Craig 

Location: San Francisco