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Carsten Nicolai, Extended Inverted Guggenheim Spiral, 2009, architectural concept dimensions variable

The inspiration for extended inverted guggenheim spiral derives from the unique architectural comment of frank lloyd wright’s spiral, primary symbol of progress and growth. taking it as a starting point the extended version in black and white seems even more natural than the original, by indicating the potential of the architecture while carefully counter-balancing its actual shape in form and colour while still maintaining its exceptional position in the architectural environment of new york city.

Davide Bertocchi, Limo, 2001, 3D Animation, DVD (Sound) 30 min. Loop.

“Limo” is the first of a series of utopian projects each conceived for a modernist museums around the world. This 3D animation acts as a virtual site-specific sculpture for the Guggenheim Museum in New York. A curved stretched Limousine is rendered to fit the circular shape of the interior of the museum and follow its spiral. The radii of the curved Limousine and that of F.L.Wright’s famous cylindrical building are the same, enabling the car to move up and down the different levels of the building following a “natural” orbit and transforming the museum into a galaxy itself. (3D graphic design by Christian Dubroca)

Davide Bertocchi, Limo Custom Kolkoz, 2006, 3D animation, DVD (sound) 5 min. loop

This is a customized version of Davide Bertocchi’s video animation LIMO by the french artists duo KOLKOZ (Benjamin Moreau and Samuel Boutruche). The result of this collaboration is a brand new purple Limo resembling a “tuning” car. New amazing features are added: a boosted engine, low-ride height, wide tyres, spoilers and booming sound system. Even the music coming from the car is transformed into a loud Eurodance tune.